We have other bears of this calibre that we've spotted this spring in our area and presently are baiting.  The picture to the left is one of those bears.  See the branch on the right hand side of this beauty?

That branch is 8 feet long!  For more information, please contact us.

Our camp runs 100% on opportunity at taking a Black Bear. The area in which we operate also boasts a very high ratio of off color bears ranging from blonde to chocolate.

Our clients hunt from tree stands overtop of feeding stations.  

All terrain vehicles are used at the camp as the principal means of transporting hunters to their stands although we do have a limited number of stands accessible by truck. 

Some of our clients choose to hunt from ground blinds, and Pipestone Guiding is pleased to provide those too.

The bear hunt takes place in May and the first part of June each year when the weather is most favorable for tree stand hunting. 

Our stands can be set up to accommodate archery, muzzle loading, or rifle hunting.

480 lb monster taken with a bow
21 9/16 B&C

The second largest of 11 bears seen that evening.  400 lbs - 19" B&C

Beautiful colour phase

408 lbs - 20"
Monster colour phase

A nice bear - scarred from fighting

573 lbs - monster black bear

Another P&Y bear







Mother Nature has indeed provided us with one of the most bountiful hunting areas in the World and for that we are truly grateful!

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