Whitetail Deer hunting in our area is as good as any in Saskatchewan.  

The North East corner of Saskatchewan has long been known for producing some of the largest Whitetail ever taken.

The area that we operate in is a combination of farmland and Provincial Forest, perfect habitat for Whitetail.  

We are confident that you will have ample opportunity to find the trophy Whitetail that you are seeking. 

Typical antler size in mature animals varies from 130 to 200+ (Boone & Crockett) and body weights vary from 200 to 350+.  We operate on a two client to one guide ratio and use tree stands, ground blinds, and feed as our hunting method.

Shed horns found within 200 yards of one of our stands!!








Debra with her 22" - 11 point

Mike - 150" - 11 point

Newt - 164" - 11 point

Duane - nice 8 point

Carl - 20" - 8 point

Terry - 167" - 9 point

Dave - 140 class - 8 point

Dave H. with another nice 8 point

Jodi - 140 class - 9 point







Mother Nature has indeed provided us with one of the most bountiful hunting areas in the World and for that we are truly grateful!

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