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Dan Gooden, on his third sit, at a particular stand arrowed a monster Black Bear at thirteen yards.  This was the ninth different bear in three evenings, four browns and five blacks.  Dan was shooting a Parker Super Mag 35 with Muzzy 100 grain broadheads.  The broadhead demonstrated just how devastating a bow and arrow can be.  The blood trail was unbelievable and could be followed on the dead run, roughly three feet wide and solid red for the 70 some odd yards from impact until expiration.

This bruin tipped the scales at a whopping 480 pounds and only measured 65 inches in length from nose to tail.  This is not a particularly long bear for such a large body weight.  The circumference around the middle of the body was 58 inches.  The base of the neck was 36 inches in circumference.  All these measurements were taken off the skinned carcass.  The skull measured an unofficial, staggering, 21 and 9/16's.  This will no doubt be one of the largest bears harvested by archery in the '05 spring season.  

It is also worth mentioning that Dan was wearing a Scent-Lok suit and had H.S. Scents Earth Scent Wafers on his hat.  This bear approached Dan's stand from directly down wind and the results speak for themselves.

Congratulations to Dan!


Mother Nature has indeed provided us with one of the most bountiful hunting areas in the World and for that we are truly grateful!

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