The majority of geese in our areas are Greater and Lesser Canada Geese. 

Set ups consist of up to ten dozen decoys and we shoot from blinds as opposed to pits. 

In the last few years we have seen the Snow goose numbers sky rocket in our area.  

As a result we have purchased a Snow Goose spread, 1200 rags and windsocks, an electronic caller, robo duck converted to a snow goose, etc.

We took a year to practice setting our spread, along with help from a group of professional Snow goose hunters from Illinois, you can see by the photos, we've got them figured out.  

This group of guys from Illinois brings 15 years of snow goose expertise to our operation.  

Our best hunts were 177 snows in an hour and fifteen minutes, and 161 in two hours.

Both of these hunts were phenomenal and after the first one we thought could not be duplicated.  

But with the help of the Robert Klein gang these types of, once in a lifetime snow goose hunts can be the rule instead of the exception.  

Contact us right away to get in on one of these "World Class Waterfowl Hunts". 





Mother Nature has indeed provided us with one of the most bountiful hunting areas in the World and for that we are truly grateful!

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